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Member Spotlight: Jenilee Thornton

Posted 12.18.14
Member Spotlight: Jenilee Thornton
Jenilee Thornton spent the last few years in San Francisco, but found her way back to Nashville to work with Trumaker, a men’s built-to-fit clothing company based out of San Francisco.

Trumaker aims to create better products and better experiences in order to enable men to spend less time worrying about their wardrobes and more time simply doing what they love.

Just days after Jenilee Thornton moved back to Nashville, she ran into our very own Connor Carroll who introduced Jenilee to what she called “this amazingly, cool co-working space called Deavor”. And with that, Jenilee dubbed Deavor as the Trumaker Nashville office. The already fairly new company, then became extremely new to Nashville, but that is exactly what, in part, attracted Jenilee to Trumaker. Despite the few more bumps in the road you may experience with any new business, Jenilee said it is the challenge of figuring something out and working from the ground-up that inspires her.

It is both inspiring and humbling to watch Jenilee and others work hard and succeed as they open offices and businesses here at Deavor, as we only just did the same thing ourselves this year. We are blown away by the heart and pursuit of Jenilee and all our members as they adapt and mold this space to be home to so much more than just Deavor.

Connect with Jenilee at Deavor or email jthornton@trumakeroutfitter.com

Member Spotlight: Sam Barns

Posted 11.24.14
Member Spotlight: Sam Barns
Deavor is filled with creative co-workers and game changers, and Sam Barns is all of those things, but also a world shaker.

Sam works for Better Lives, an economic development organization focused on improving student health, education, and economic opportunities. Better Lives has taken on projects in agriculture, microfinance, and primary school infrastructure globally. The organization has allowed Sam to partner with others around the world, but he is specifically responsible for collaborating with his partners in East Africa, mostly Tanzania.

Last year, Sam lived in Tanzania, but his new schedule has him going to Tanzania for one month out of every three. So for those two other months, we are honored to have Sam creating Better Lives – doing precisely what his organization is called – right out of Deavor. Sam loves the new challenges and endless adventures that Better Life allows him to experience. So when Sam isn’t half way across the world or at Deavor, you can find him exploring outside in Nashville.

Get to know this rad dude; he is filled with some crazy, awesome stories from his adventurous career and life. But until then, this one’s on the house:

Once upon a time when Sam lived in Tanzania, he owned a goat. But before he moved back to the states, Sam and the village he lived in had a big goat roast party and ate it. The end.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.39.00 AM

Member Spotlight: Nathan Dohse

Posted 10.13.14
Member Spotlight: Nathan Dohse

Nathan Dohse amazes us daily as he coaches, manages, books events, and a whole lot more out of Deavor. Nathan is the COO/Co-Founder of AGD Entertainment, an agency focused on strategizing ways for bands and singer/songwriters to creatively and affordably move their careers forward.

We met Nathan when he came to discuss having Field Division, an AGD artist, release their record at Deavor, which is happening October 28th. Since then, this dude has been a part of the Deavor family.

If you’ve been Deavor, and seen a dude talking… talking a lot, that’s Nathan. But don’t worry, he said he makes sure to talk quietly when he is at Deavor. But this his words are powerful as he re-energizes others about their art and talks others through the process of achieving goals they thought were once unachievable.

Nathan keeps the calendar full, the meeting rooms booked, and is always there to brew the afternoon batch of coffee. His passion to see creative collaboration at Deavor is inspiring and we’re lucky to have him brewing our afternoon pick-me-up and getting to hang out with us everyday.

Member Spotlight: Emily Carlson

Posted 09.03.14
Member Spotlight: Emily Carlson

Advertising does work, according to Emily Carlson, who saw our print ad and found her way to Deavor. But Emily is only part-time at Deavor, and not because she is cheating on us with another co-working space; she is part-time in Nashville too. Emily splits her time between New Orleans and Nashville, two great cities with many similarities, including her passion for food, she adds.

Emily is an Account Leader at Innovative Advertising (INN) and The Fridge, a division of INN. INN is a full-service advertising agency, based in the New Orleans area, specializing in brand management, strategy, web development, social media, community relations, and more for a diverse cliental. She coincidentally is devoted to assisting food and beverages brands with everything from brand positioning, labeling and licensing to product chain communications for The Fridge.

Emily is constantly creating, yet somehow, simultaneously entertains our in-house pup, Simba, while keeping up with being one of the coolest chicks around. Oh, and travels back and forth from Nashville to New Orleans in between.

We wish we could have Emily around all the time, but part-time will do. Every time she leaves for New Orleans, we can’t wait for her to be back in the office, Simba agrees.

Member Spotlight: Kristin Cardo

Posted 08.04.14
Member Spotlight: Kristin Cardo

Kristin Cardo left the city of Brooklyn behind and followed her dreams straight to Nashville, Tennessee and into the doors of Deavor.

Kristen had been a part of a co-working space in New York so familiar with the concept, she discovered ours, which she claims was better than anything she had seen in New York, and became one of the very first members of Deavor. We think that the custom woodwork and lighting might have done the convincing for us, but either way, we are honored that Kristin chose us.

“Deavor is so much more than just a beautiful place to work. The instant community I found when I joined Deavor was the greatest perk. The people you work alongside are creators and influencers in the community who are driven and passionate about what they do. The energy and momentum of that is felt and is contagious. Coworkers have become friends and office parties are the best parties. As the new girl in town, I could not have picked a better desk to work from.”

This girl packed up everything, came to Nashville, and dove headfirst into Deavor. She has made this place her home, and in return, has made this place feel more like home to all of us.

In addition to being a complete and total badass, Kristin is the sole creative and talent behind Love Loft Creative. When she isn’t busy putting her far-fetched and zany notions into motion, such as creating a giant gumball machine that dispenses cupcakes that yes, does exist, she is helping to plan the next event for Deavor and educating the office on what cute kitten videos are out there. Kristin reminds us to daydream more often, and to take on big goals and even bigger challenges. And man, are we glad that she ended up in Nashville, right alongside us.

Member Spotlight: Matt Clark

Posted 06.26.14
Member Spotlight: Matt Clark

Before Deavor was even complete, Matt Clark was ready to call it his headquarters. Matt understood the vision of Deavor and knew it was something he wanted to be a part of.  And with that, Matt became the very first member of Deavor. He understood this place had more to offer than just cool, wooden desks to work at and some coffee to sip on. But when Matt crossed the final t’s of his signature on the contract, we knew he offered far greater things to Deavor than we could even comprehend in that moment.

Matt is the Executive Director of Promise for Haiti, an organization that partners, and supports, a Haitian run hospital that serves 30,000 people each year.  Promise for Haiti exists to provide healthcare, education and clean water to Haitians. For over thirty years, the organization has partnered with Comite Bienfaisance de Pignon to make these things possible. Promise for Haiti provides financial assistance, coordinates trips of volunteers to serve, and works with Haitian leaders to maintain self-sustaining operations in the country.

Not only has Matt invested himself globally; he is incredibly involved locally with non-profits here in Nashville. He founded the “International Affinity Group” with the Center for Nonprofit Management. Matt is also a member of the Board of Directors of Rooftop Nashville, an organization preventing homelessness by providing emergency rental assistance to Davidson County residents.

Matt is more than just the dude who always has the killer playlists going, and frequently exercises our unlimited refill policy on coffee; he is making a huge impact in our community and our world daily. We are honored that Matt would chose to do his world changing from Deavor.

twitter: @mkclark12